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Welcome to Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring
Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring has been serving clients in the Brooklyn area for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves in making your home or business beautiful from the ground up. Let Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring refinish your existing floors or install brand-new hardwood floors.

Our primary focus is to serve professionals in the building industry like Developers, Architects and Interior Designers. We also provide advice and demonstration to home owners that are interested in our flooring.
With our vast experience accumulated, plus testimonials from homeowners and industrial professionals, this just tells you that Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring is the most reliable, trusted and preferred vendor for hardwood flooring in the market amongst others, where high quality flooring and services are concerned.

Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring specializes in hardwood floor installations, refinishing, staining, repairs, and pre-finished flooring installations for commercial businesses throughout the greater Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring area.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is:

  • environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • A valuable investment in your home or business
  • Long-lasting
Sanding and Refinishing Wood Floors

Does your business already have wood floors? A fresh look might be as simple as sanding and refinishing your existing floors. This is an economical solution for many commercial business owners.

Let Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring help! We are experts in revitalizing existing hardwood floors.

Staining and Polishing Wood Floors

Often clients would like their floors stained to a uniform color. Brooklyn Hardwood Flooring can match your existing wood color or just about any other shade in the market today. We pride ourselves in applying stain by hand, with an eye to detail.